That Sound is the title of an art excursion between baskhaus radio group and visual artist Joe Duncan. This round of excursions focuses on the loose theme of "that sound." It's something you know you've heard, but can't put your finger on. So we used Joe's help to show you and tell you. BRG began the trade with the Murray beatboxer sound. Joe started round two. The end product? You'll just have to wait and hear. 

Round One 

Cool Dude by Joe Duncan is a visual response to the audio story told above in the sound profile. 

Round Two


Whispers by Joe Duncan began Round Two of the "That Sound" art excursion. This image provided the theme for the corresponding audio profile below.

The whispers sound profile tells the story of a beautiful, intelligent and successful young woman about to take her step into the professional world. She's done everything to prepare herself, but there are still those nagging little demons behind every step, every risk that she takes. 

Voice actors: Nadine Bartos and Danielle Ray.

Round Three

Here's the break down. Baskhaus started round one, and Joe answered. Joe started round two. Round three was a double blind set up. Not an unfit pair.

Ray is the visual half to That Sound, Round Three. This was a double-blind round with, what we argue, are not unfit partners.